Masturbate Your Woman With These Powerful Finger Techniques

butt-1238553_640Sex is important. It spices up your intimate relationship. It releases hormones which makes you want to always be together. Simply put, sex makes a relationship last longer.

Unlike the male species, however, women can fake orgasms. Beware! While your girl moans and arches her body to the rhythm of you thrust, she can in fact just fake it all! This happens when you are not pleasuring her right. She will just let you finish your thing but her head is into something else. When this happens, you are in a dangerous situation. Your girl can feel so frustrated and the relationship can go to the drain.

Pleasure her. Don’t just listen to her moans but feel her body. Make her wet. No. Take it slow and do it right. Did you ever try to use your fingers to make her ooze with vagina juice? Here are some techniques that can make your girl go wet and wild. She will be begging for you to get inside in no time.

1. Prep her up with foreplay. Use your mouth to play and suck her nipples while you rub her down there with her panty still on. Be gentle with the rubbing and the sucking and observe how her body start to arch. Go down and slowly and kiss her down to her navel while you continue to rub her womanhood.

2. Escalate and tease. Gently push your fingers inside her undies and feel her wetness. Keep on rubbing until you feel the juice starts to ooze. Slowly lead your fingers to the clit and rub it from side to side. Go back to kissing her nips and down again.

3. Talk dirty. Use dirty talk to build arousal. Make her feel sexy and wanted. Ignite her senses. Whisper naughty thoughts into her ears. Moan and sniff and tell her she smells so damn good you can’t get enough of her.

4. Stimulate the G-Spot. When your girl’s body is ready, slow get inside her body with two of your middle fingers curled. Stimulate the g-spot from side to side while your palm continues to rub her clit. Use your fingers to move a circular motion in her. Do this gently until she begins to ask you for more.

5. Increase the pressure. As you continue to feel her wetness, add pressure to your fingers. Increase the weight of your rubbing as your curled fingers go up and down her g-spot. Just go with her rhythm and do not make any sign that you want her to cum already. Instead, continue to talk naughty and make her feel like you are enjoying her reactions.

6. Feel her orgasm. When she starts to feel the buildup of her orgasmic pleasure, you will feel her holding your hands, gently leading it inside her. You will feel her thrust becoming faster as she meets your fingers with increased tension. Give back to her by using your tongue and your other hand to play with her nips. This will increase the tension in her vaginal muscles and she will begin to squirt. When she releases her tension do not leave her alone. Feel her rhythm with your fingers, mouth, and tongue. And when she is finished, kiss her lips gently and make her feel special.

When you use these powerful techniques to masturbate and finger a girl, your relationship will become even better. Your girl will want you even more – and more often.

Dirty Questions to Ask a Girl and Make Her Horny

girl-732319_640Want to get a girl into the mood but don’t have any ideas how? Resort to flirty naughty questions.

Questions may just be a simple word to you but never underestimate the power of one question as sometimes, one question is only what it needs to set the mood for sex and romance. One right question can press her horny and erotic button so you might just have the best night of your entire sex life!

Horny Questions Over Text

Can sex be possible through text? Of course, it is! It’s called Sexting and is common nowadays. Well, it may start with texting but apparently ends in bed. In other words, a foreplay. Start the excitement by these questions:

  • Are alone now?
  • What you wearing?
  • What turns you on?
  • Do you like kissing?
  • Am I a good kisser?
  • Do want me to suck your tongue?
  • Do you like touching yourself?
  • Are you touching yourself?
  • Who are you thinking of when your touching yourself?
  • Are you moaning?
  • Do you like to hear a man moan?
  • Do you have sex toys?
  • What is your favorite dildo?
  • Which would you prefer, dildo or original cock?
  • Do you like to be licked?
  • Which would you prefer to go down there, finger or tongue?

Erotic Questions to Ask Over Phone

Another idea to make a girl look forward in spending some sizzling evening with you is by turning her on through her phone. Asking her with some hot questions can be a precursor to the steamy evening ahead. To intensify her lust, ask in a flirty and seductive manner.

  • Do you want to watch 50 Shades of Grey?
  • Are you wearing my favorite under those jeans?
  • Are you fantasizing about me?
  • Are you fantasizing with what I am going to do with you tonight?
  • Would you be angry if I’m going to pick you up right now?
  • Have you tried lap dancing?
  • How do you want it, slow or hard and wild?
  • Will you be mad if I’ll do more than just licking?
  • What is your favorite part of my body?
  • What is your favorite body part?
  • Do you want to touch me?
  • Do you want to lick me?
  • Are you excited to see me naked?

Hot Questions to Ask in the Bedroom

Spooning with a girl? Being intimate will obviously lead to sexual relationships. How about making it extra hot? You can spice things up by asking dirty questions to turn her on and make her horny and wet. Here are some dirty bedroom questions that can make her hornier than she currently is:

  • Are you hot right now?
  • Have you tried role playing?
  • Will you be okay if I’ll go on top of you?
  • Do you want to feel me?
  • Do you want to suck me?
  • Do you want me to kiss you harder?
  • Do you want me to push harder?
  • Do you want to be on top?
  • Do you like to be in control?
  • How do you like to be touch right here?
  • How do you like your boobs to be sucked?
  • Which one would you like first, finger or tongue?
  • How many fingers do you want to be inside of you?
  • Are you close to orgasm?
  • Do you want me to cum in your mouth?
  • Do you want me to cum inside of you?

Guide to Enjoy Australian Beaches : Here are the Do’s and the Don’ts

lincoln-city-1204401_640Surely, Australia is one of the world’s countries that boast awesome beaches with crystal clear water, intoxicating sunshine, and ultra-white soft sand. It is also renowned for its sophisticated shopping centers, dining centers, good CBD and public transport. There are a couple of top-class beaches that attract massive tourists.

Visiting Australian beaches sounds an exciting experience- huh? Not always! Sometimes it can be life threatening unless you are guided by some basic rules.

Beach and Sun Safety

Always wear your hat and sunscreen, the UV rays are severe. Not all beaches have umbrellas for hire, so it is safe to carry your own if you are expecting a shade. The UV is fierce throughout the year, the UV exposure is at its worse between 10am and 3pm so make sure to protect yourself and your children against skin exposure.

The best remedy to be sun-safe is slip, slop, slap- a recommendation from Australian Cancer Council.

  • Slip on clothing which covers legs and arms.
  • Slap on a hat.
  • Slop on sunscreen.

Always wear broad-spectrum sunscreen and keep reapplying, particularly after sweating or swimming. Drink your bottled water regularly to avoid dehydration.

The Rips

Most Australia beaches have intense currents of water that can carry you along and out to sea. If you caught in a rip, do not panic. Swim parallel to the beach; you will be out of it in only a few meters. You can also opt to float and get carried by the rip, they will disperse just beyond the breakers, if you are a good swimmer, and you can easily get back to the shore. If you find yourself in trouble raise one arm up in the air, the lifesavers will rescue you.

Non-lethal stingers

The beaches have painful stingers e.g. the bluebottles, a small jellyfish. They are bright blue; this makes them easy to spot. Children may find the sting painful; adults say it causes only a minor itch. The best treatment is ice; the pain goes after 15-25 minutes, and the red bump goes away in a day.

Shark and crocodile attacks

Attacks by sharks are very rare, however if it happens it is always fatal. Avoid the risk of shark attacks by avoiding swimming at evening. Avoiding swimming alone, at river sources, along way offshore or along drop-offs to deeper water. When traveling near crocodile territories adhere to safety signs. Don’t swim in estuaries, rivers, deep pools or tidal rivers. Follow these safety rules to enjoy your trip. Also, work on your fitness so that you will have a thrilling experience when you visit the beaches. Practice swimming prior to your trip to sharpen your swimming skills. Watch the following video in order to know how to get prepared for your beach season in Australia:

Ideas to Get Rid of Cellulite

orange-peel-273151_640You’re probably reading because you’re in search of the best exercises to get rid of cellulite. Maybe you’ve tried various creams or treatments as well as special diets. So, allow me to reveal to you some secrets on how you can get rid of your cellulite in a quick, easy way. Yes! It’s true, it doesn’t have to be hard work.

Most people think that exercises are only for losing weight. Yes, exercise does help in weight loss but it also keeps the body fit and healthy aside from the other benefits it provides the body including cellulite removal. That’s right. You can do some basic exercises that will help you reduce and eventually get rid of cellulite. The first thing you should know is that this isn’t like any of those quick fix treatments you find in the market. You may find simple and quick exercises to get rid of cellulite but you need to maintain them.

Original Source:

In my research I find that most cellulite exercises fail because people find them difficult to maintain. Meaning, you need to be serious in doing your workouts or else all your efforts will go down the drain. One common reasons of individuals failing to follow through is the program taking too long to achieve their expected results. Let’s face it, the majority of people are into fast turnarounds. They want to see results in a week’s time and if they don’t notice any changes they simply give up. They don’t know that the cellulite reduction process had started and stopping their routine suddenly halts the process as well. Therefore, patience is key.

Not only do you need to have regular exercises to get rid of cellulite but you need to stick with your workout routine. Remember:

* Don’t be discouraged by the fact that you don’t see results immediately.
* Being successful comes with keeping in mind that you will see results over time.
* Don’t give up if you don’t see the results after the first few weeks. Your cellulite reduction is in process and if you give up now you lose everything you have worked for.

Another secret is that the best cellulite exercises you can do will be aerobic or cardiovascular exercises like walking, running, biking and swimming. These exercises help in improving your heart rate and in increasing your blood flow and circulation which dramatically lessen your cellulite formation. What is great about increasing your blood flow and circulation is it does not only prevent cellulite development but it also helps in breaking up your body’s cellulite active areas.

One cellulite exercising program, called Naked Beauty, is a quick 22 minute workout that is targeted to cellulite areas. Many women find that this program delivered results in just a few weeks. How nice would it be to strut around in a bikini in less than a month! Plus they provide great tips and tutorials to understand how to attack your problem areas. This is the ultimate secret of getting rid of cellulite that provides long lasting results – a targeted exercise routine.

Are Australians Sleeping Enough? The Relationship Between Sleep and Skin

australia-62823_640Recent studies (e.g. one conducted in 2013 at the Case Western Reserve University) have suggested that women in countries like the US and Australia are simply not sleeping enough. Though these studies often focus on women, all of us are subject to the hectic schedules of modern life. Are you one of those people? Do you skimp on sleep so that you can get more screen time – whether for the purposes of work or pleasure? Perhaps you did not know it, but lack of sleep can really take its toll on your skin.

The Relationship Between Sleep and Beauty

We have all heard the term ‘beauty sleep’, but the notion of a Sleeping Beauty is more than just a myth. Scientific studies show that lack of sleep contributes to increased skin dryness and redness, as well as emphasizing fine lines and wrinkles. Blemishes also appear on the skin of people who sleep badly, including those pesky dark circles under the eyes.

So, as you can see, sleep really does enhance your skin’s beauty. When you sleep well, your skin is better able to repair itself and is softer, more radiant, smoother and clearer.

So what can you do to ensure that you keep your skin in good condition?

There are plenty of things that Australian women can do to keep their skin looking perfect at any age. As well as using a good sunscreen during the day it is a good idea to apply a thick and creamy moisturizer at night. Products work better at night when you are asleep, as when you are sleeping, your skin is better at absorbing them.

And, of course, the vital component in your skin regime:

Get enough sleep!

Find out what works for you when it comes to sleeping. A dark room, a laptop and smartphone firmly switched off an hour before bed, the soft sounds of the radio or a good book, a massage, or some oral stimulation. All of the above can help you to get a good night’s sleep if practiced before bed.

Avoid caffeine and excess alcohol before bed too. Though you may think that alcohol makes you sleepy, actually it is a stimulant and can wake you up in the middle of the night as well as dehydrating you and drying your skin out further.

Should I take a supplement?

Many Australians do take sleeping pills, and though the most powerful everyday tranquilizers (known as benxodiazepines) are only available in Australia via a prescription, the numbers of people requesting these prescriptions are high. If taken in the long term, such sleeping pills can have adverse effects – as well as being addictive, they can make you feel groggy and uncoordinated during the day.

One other option that you can try is taking the supplement melatonin. Melatonin is produced naturally by our bodies and it is what helps make us feel sleepy at night. We produce less of it as we get older which is why older people often experience sleeping problems. If you are having trouble sleeping, a bottle of melatonin capsules Could be worth a try!

Sweet dreams!

A Look at Some Personality Disorders

woman-768702_640A personality disorder occurs when personality traits are rigid causing an impairment in social, occupational or subjective distress. These are deep-seated traits which are maladjusted and maladaptive patterns of behavior. Such a personality is said to be associated with abnormality with the balance or expression of total behavioral aspects. Personality disorders are adopted from an adolescent age and since they are deeply ingrained, they continue to manifest even as a person advances in years. They could mild or severe.

The Antisocial Disorder

This disorder is characterized by a disregard for others. It also leans towards acts that are against the law. Individuals with this disorder are reckless, irresponsible and they appear to lack a conscience. They are sometimes referred to as sociopaths and psychopaths for their disregard for others’ rights. Sociopaths acquire antisocial attributes as a result of poor and hostile socialization. Adventurers are associated with antisocial behavior, for they are nonconformists and they think they can take care of themselves.

• Nomadic- They feel like they are jinxed, misfits and dropouts.

• Malevolent- Individuals are vicious, belligerent, brutal and seek revenge

• Covetous- They show signs of greed, they have pleasure in taking something from someone than having it. They are also envious and yearning.

• Reputation-defending- They always seem to think that they are invincible and overreact to criticism.

• Risk taking- They are the bold type who are daring and adventurous. They take pleasure in dangerous activities.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder

The disordered individuals have an extreme sense of self-importance. They have a sense of entitlement to everything. They are arrogant and always want admiration. The impression is that narcissists are more likely to be male than female. This is because males are considered to be more exploiting and entitled. To further assess the narcissistic mind, lack of self-confidence brings about feelings of unworthiness and inferiority while excessive self-confidence implies arrogance and lack of empathy for others. Self-confident style narcissism is where individuals have a strong faith in themselves, they see themselves as special and destined to do great things. They are to have visions of themselves as conquerors and they are frank about realizing their ambitions. They are not, however, above envying those who are more accomplished. The asserting style narcissism makes individuals strongly competitive and assured exhibiting a high sense of boldness in their talents and such individuals assume leadership positions. The variations of narcissistic personality disorder include:

• Unprincipled- This type is arrogant, deceptive, dominating and contemptuous.

• Elitist- Feels privileged and empowered because of pseudo-achievements, is always upwardly mobile.

• Amorous- Usually sexually seductive and is a pathological liar.

• Compensatory- Creates illusions of being superior to offset their inferiority complex.

The Histrionic Personality Disorder

This is associated with attention-seeking. Individuals have a high degree of self-confidence. They dislike situations where they are not the center of attention. In a bid to be the center of attention they can display provocative behavior. While males are more likely to be antisocial, females are more likely to have the histrionic personality. They are usually insincere and deceptive. The dramatic style histrionic emphasize feelings, color, and attention. Such individuals process their world effectively, value the impact of emotion, and display their emotions easily and openly. They experience life through sensation and romance, deliberately make themselves physically attractive, consciously dress with the opposite sex in mind, and become engaging, charming, or even seductive. The outgoing style histrionic focuses more on sociability than on theatrics. They possess great confidence in their influence and charm, they go out of their way to be popular and just naturally know how to make others like them.

Every one of us has to deal with people with such disorders. It does not mean they are sick, they are just acting out of their personality traits. The key to cope is to exercise patience and understanding.

Why The Beauty Industry in Australia Has Embraced IPL Machines?

girl-1039532_640Beauticians, beauty salons and spas in Australia and around the world have embraced IPL technology because of the unmatchable and unique features of IPL machines. Beauty treatments that are performed by other methods could not meet the desired results; which mean customers do not get fully satisfied; customers suffering adverse reactions after treatment, treatments take a lot of time and inefficiency on the part of beautician performing the treatment.

When IPL, which is a state of the art technology, was introduced, beauticians and beauty salons realized the consistency and predictable clinical results. Buying IPL machines have also led to beauty salons optimizing return on investment as profit has increased. The clients became happier with the treatments using IPL machines as there are minimal reactions.

Talk to any person who has done IPL treatment and you will hear, “yes the treatment is very fast and comfortable for me. I did not feel any kind of pain!” Obviously IPL treatments are fast, non-ablative, comfortable and the results are satisfactory. This is the reason why dermatologists recommend the use of IPL machines in treatments like pigmentation, acne treatments, vascular treatments, permanent hair removal, photo rejuvenation as well as skin tightening.

Advancement in IPL technology called E-Light which is a combination of Radio Frequency (RF) and IPL technology has enhanced IPL system. Most IPL machines come with RF which lowers the temperature and this makes IPL treatments comfortable. Also, since RF does not depend on pigmentation in the hair, it makes IPL hair removal more successful on all hair types including lighter hairs as well.

There are several IPL machines that you can buy for your beauty salon; however, when purchasing IPL machines, ensure that the machine is TGA registered. Different leading producers and manufacturers of IPL machines could have different names for the IPL machines but this is only branding. Leading producers like Lumenis, Ellipse, Global beauty group and Lynton, name IPL machines differently, but the good news is that IPL machines are available in the market. You can get IPL machines on EBay, Amazon, Alibaba or local distributors in your city.

If you are operating beauty salon equipment, investing in IPL machines is a sure thing. From safety, effectiveness, different settings to suit your clients, customer satisfaction to machine life- in short, IPL machines give you optimal clinical results and financial results with optimal efficiency you need.

Bri’s Reflection

beauty-156981_640Bri jumped at the sound of the door opening behind her. A plump woman in a bright, flower patterned dress quietly showed herself to a stall and clicked the green door shut. Bri just caught sight of a natural male enhancement ad in the woman’s magazine before she looked again to her own reflection. A feeling of heaviness slumped her shoulders. She barely recognized the ghostly thing that stared back at her from behind the mirror. Her pale face was gaunt and too thin. The dark bags under her eyes made all too clear just how little she had been able to sleep recently, and her wispy black hair was so tangled and gritty it looked ready to fall out.

She searched her purse for a way to hide her degenerating health, swallowing against the taste of morning breath in her dry mouth, which also described the odor of what she hoped was the molding bathroom. Pulling out an eyelash curler, she winced when her attempt to liven her dull amber eyes yielded nothing more than a soft poke in the eye. One eye shut, she fumbled through her purse until she found her toner. An unsteady hand streaked the toner across her cheek, marking her pallid face with an unfitting smear of tan. She massaged her cheek, trying to even out the poorly applied toner, and almost fell backwards.

With a rising sense of panic, she lost her ability to delude herself. She needed to go to a hospital; they could help her. And she was risking getting other people sick. None of that was enough though. The doctors . . .

A vibration in her pocket startled her, stopping the building terror in its tracks. She had trouble focusing her eyes to read the message. “We no ur sick wait ther”. No doubt Bri’s younger sister Lisa and their mom had deduced the problem by now and tracked her down. She had been “missing” their calls for over two weeks. But if they knew, they would force her to see them.

Her breath stuttered when as her imagination took off. I know it’s that new strain I heard about on the news. They’ll have to quarantine me and wear those hazmat suits.

She pictured herself totally abandoned, trapped behind the plastic curtains she had seen in the movies. White cinder block walls, grey ceiling, white and speckled tiled floor, no windows, and no furniture, aside from the small steel barred bed upon which she lay . She was trapped in an expressionless empty room in the middle of a vast, deserted hospital, so isolated she could scream all day and never be heard by anyone except her alien visitors, cut off from her by their suits so that they could hold her hand and still be as distant as the sun, whose warm rays could never reach her.

She broke down at the thought of such complete loneliness, gasping for ragged breaths between the sobs. Moaning in misery, she finally gave up, falling to the ground in despair.

A soft clatter of spilling cosmetics and the tapping heel of her trembling beige ankle-strapped sandal echoed through the bathroom as she rested, legs trembling, upon the grimy tiled floor. The trembling spread through her entire body, and the seizure grew steadily stronger, setting her spine to writhing and extremities to flailing. Waves of pain undulated throughout her, every muscle pulsing with agony. She tried to scream, but she couldn’t take a breath. It was too much. Too much . . .