Why The Beauty Industry in Australia Has Embraced IPL Machines?

girl-1039532_640Beauticians, beauty salons and spas in Australia and around the world have embraced IPL technology because of the unmatchable and unique features of IPL machines. Beauty treatments that are performed by other methods could not meet the desired results; which mean customers do not get fully satisfied; customers suffering adverse reactions after treatment, treatments take a lot of time and inefficiency on the part of beautician performing the treatment.

When IPL, which is a state of the art technology, was introduced, beauticians and beauty salons realized the consistency and predictable clinical results. Buying IPL machines have also led to beauty salons optimizing return on investment as profit has increased. The clients became happier with the treatments using IPL machines as there are minimal reactions.

Talk to any person who has done IPL treatment and you will hear, “yes the treatment is very fast and comfortable for me. I did not feel any kind of pain!” Obviously IPL treatments are fast, non-ablative, comfortable and the results are satisfactory. This is the reason why dermatologists recommend the use of IPL machines in treatments like pigmentation, acne treatments, vascular treatments, permanent hair removal, photo rejuvenation as well as skin tightening.

Advancement in IPL technology called E-Light which is a combination of Radio Frequency (RF) and IPL technology has enhanced IPL system. Most IPL machines come with RF which lowers the temperature and this makes IPL treatments comfortable. Also, since RF does not depend on pigmentation in the hair, it makes IPL hair removal more successful on all hair types including lighter hairs as well.

There are several IPL machines that you can buy for your beauty salon; however, when purchasing IPL machines, ensure that the machine is TGA registered. Different leading producers and manufacturers of IPL machines could have different names for the IPL machines but this is only branding. Leading producers like Lumenis, Ellipse, Global beauty group and Lynton, name IPL machines differently, but the good news is that IPL machines are available in the market. You can get IPL machines on EBay, Amazon, Alibaba or local distributors in your city.

If you are operating beauty salon equipment, investing in IPL machines is a sure thing. From safety, effectiveness, different settings to suit your clients, customer satisfaction to machine life- in short, IPL machines give you optimal clinical results and financial results with optimal efficiency you need.