Masturbate Your Woman With These Powerful Finger Techniques

butt-1238553_640Sex is important. It spices up your intimate relationship. It releases hormones which makes you want to always be together. Simply put, sex makes a relationship last longer.

Unlike the male species, however, women can fake orgasms. Beware! While your girl moans and arches her body to the rhythm of you thrust, she can in fact just fake it all! This happens when you are not pleasuring her right. She will just let you finish your thing but her head is into something else. When this happens, you are in a dangerous situation. Your girl can feel so frustrated and the relationship can go to the drain.

Pleasure her. Don’t just listen to her moans but feel her body. Make her wet. No. Take it slow and do it right. Did you ever try to use your fingers to make her ooze with vagina juice? Here are some techniques that can make your girl go wet and wild. She will be begging for you to get inside in no time.

1. Prep her up with foreplay. Use your mouth to play and suck her nipples while you rub her down there with her panty still on. Be gentle with the rubbing and the sucking and observe how her body start to arch. Go down and slowly and kiss her down to her navel while you continue to rub her womanhood.

2. Escalate and tease. Gently push your fingers inside her undies and feel her wetness. Keep on rubbing until you feel the juice starts to ooze. Slowly lead your fingers to the clit and rub it from side to side. Go back to kissing her nips and down again.

3. Talk dirty. Use dirty talk to build arousal. Make her feel sexy and wanted. Ignite her senses. Whisper naughty thoughts into her ears. Moan and sniff and tell her she smells so damn good you can’t get enough of her.

4. Stimulate the G-Spot. When your girl’s body is ready, slow get inside her body with two of your middle fingers curled. Stimulate the g-spot from side to side while your palm continues to rub her clit. Use your fingers to move a circular motion in her. Do this gently until she begins to ask you for more.

5. Increase the pressure. As you continue to feel her wetness, add pressure to your fingers. Increase the weight of your rubbing as your curled fingers go up and down her g-spot. Just go with her rhythm and do not make any sign that you want her to cum already. Instead, continue to talk naughty and make her feel like you are enjoying her reactions.

6. Feel her orgasm. When she starts to feel the buildup of her orgasmic pleasure, you will feel her holding your hands, gently leading it inside her. You will feel her thrust becoming faster as she meets your fingers with increased tension. Give back to her by using your tongue and your other hand to play with her nips. This will increase the tension in her vaginal muscles and she will begin to squirt. When she releases her tension do not leave her alone. Feel her rhythm with your fingers, mouth, and tongue. And when she is finished, kiss her lips gently and make her feel special.

When you use these powerful techniques to masturbate and finger a girl, your relationship will become even better. Your girl will want you even more – and more often.