A Look at Some Personality Disorders

woman-768702_640A personality disorder occurs when personality traits are rigid causing an impairment in social, occupational or subjective distress. These are deep-seated traits which are maladjusted and maladaptive patterns of behavior. Such a personality is said to be associated with abnormality with the balance or expression of total behavioral aspects. Personality disorders are adopted from an adolescent age and since they are deeply ingrained, they continue to manifest even as a person advances in years. They could mild or severe.

The Antisocial Disorder

This disorder is characterized by a disregard for others. It also leans towards acts that are against the law. Individuals with this disorder are reckless, irresponsible and they appear to lack a conscience. They are sometimes referred to as sociopaths and psychopaths for their disregard for others’ rights. Sociopaths acquire antisocial attributes as a result of poor and hostile socialization. Adventurers are associated with antisocial behavior, for they are nonconformists and they think they can take care of themselves.

• Nomadic- They feel like they are jinxed, misfits and dropouts.

• Malevolent- Individuals are vicious, belligerent, brutal and seek revenge

• Covetous- They show signs of greed, they have pleasure in taking something from someone than having it. They are also envious and yearning.

• Reputation-defending- They always seem to think that they are invincible and overreact to criticism.

• Risk taking- They are the bold type who are daring and adventurous. They take pleasure in dangerous activities.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder

The disordered individuals have an extreme sense of self-importance. They have a sense of entitlement to everything. They are arrogant and always want admiration. The impression is that narcissists are more likely to be male than female. This is because males are considered to be more exploiting and entitled. To further assess the narcissistic mind, lack of self-confidence brings about feelings of unworthiness and inferiority while excessive self-confidence implies arrogance and lack of empathy for others. Self-confident style narcissism is where individuals have a strong faith in themselves, they see themselves as special and destined to do great things. They are to have visions of themselves as conquerors and they are frank about realizing their ambitions. They are not, however, above envying those who are more accomplished. The asserting style narcissism makes individuals strongly competitive and assured exhibiting a high sense of boldness in their talents and such individuals assume leadership positions. The variations of narcissistic personality disorder include:

• Unprincipled- This type is arrogant, deceptive, dominating and contemptuous.

• Elitist- Feels privileged and empowered because of pseudo-achievements, is always upwardly mobile.

• Amorous- Usually sexually seductive and is a pathological liar.

• Compensatory- Creates illusions of being superior to offset their inferiority complex.

The Histrionic Personality Disorder

This is associated with attention-seeking. Individuals have a high degree of self-confidence. They dislike situations where they are not the center of attention. In a bid to be the center of attention they can display provocative behavior. While males are more likely to be antisocial, females are more likely to have the histrionic personality. They are usually insincere and deceptive. The dramatic style histrionic emphasize feelings, color, and attention. Such individuals process their world effectively, value the impact of emotion, and display their emotions easily and openly. They experience life through sensation and romance, deliberately make themselves physically attractive, consciously dress with the opposite sex in mind, and become engaging, charming, or even seductive. The outgoing style histrionic focuses more on sociability than on theatrics. They possess great confidence in their influence and charm, they go out of their way to be popular and just naturally know how to make others like them.

Every one of us has to deal with people with such disorders. It does not mean they are sick, they are just acting out of their personality traits. The key to cope is to exercise patience and understanding.